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Lip GlossLip Gloss by Victoria’s Secret – beauty RUSH (available at La Senza)

LIP GLOSS …a must have in your purse!  But you don’t want just any lip gloss; so this might just be the one you’ve been waiting for.
This amazing little tube delivers juicy rich colour that smells simply divine, goes on smooth, and most importantly girls – NO stickiness! Perfect by itself or even over some lipstick to give your pout that extra shine.

I myself use “pick lemonade” it gives my lips a subtle hit of colour.  I can honestly say that this particular colour suits a lot of people from light completion to darker ones as well.
It is translucent with a hit of colour and glitter.  There are over a dozen different colours each one with its individual sent, to personalize your lips.  Perfect for those hot summer days when less is more, and you want to catch that special someone’s eye.

It has a sloped applicator for less mess!
Lasts on average about 3-4 months
Price – Unbeatable: 2 for 10$

Comparable to:
L’Oreal – Glam Shine at 7.99$ each
Lise Watier – Crystal Drops Lip Gloss at 16.50$ (only 9 shades)
Lancôme – Juice Tubes at 21$ each

Yummy, when I know she is on lunch I sneak over to her desk and dig through her purse until I find it. Is that wrong? A cube mate busted us one time…I pretended I was in desperate need of a tampon. OKAY too much info. I get it.



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