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Lip BalmNot only is it my all time “favorite” lip balm, but YES it’s actually named “my favorite lip balm”…trust me when I say this, it’ll become your favorite as well.

This little jar of goodness for your lips is filled with such things as shea butter, sweet almond oil and wheat germ oil. Hungry? These may sound like strange ingredients but they sure do the trick and provide soothing relief for dry, cracked lips.
The texture is close to silk and once applied it simply melts on your lips making them instantly soft. As for the scent, it is very subtle, something close to warm vanilla, giving one a nourishing, yummy feeling, that makes you want to apply gobs more!

One word of advice, do not leave it in direct sun or direct heat as this gem will melt to liquid and you’ll be quite sad (I was).

It’s a great little product that you’ll want to apply and reapply.

For me, a fellow addict it lasts for a good 4 – 5 months depending on how much you use it.
Price – good:  5$ U.S.


Seriously I thought Kathy was lying, I mean really…I don’t even use lipbalm, like ever. And let’s face it, there are MILLIONS of them. Seems like every retailer is hucking these little containers of crap. Home Hardware Hardy There Lipbalm? SOMEONE STOP THE MADNESS. Unforunately consider me sold after “borrowing” it for the first time on our trip to Whistler…After the 5th application in 4 hours I knew I was in trouble. Not because my lips where even remotely chapped, but because the darn thing smells and feels so freakin good. I keep it at my desk at work and habitually put it on…even worse, sometimes I just open it up to smell the darn thing.



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