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dressesLet’s admit it, most of us women out there, like to shop.  And, at times we may buy things which are not necessarily needed; I mean do we really need that hundredth pair of shoes?  I call it, the “I fell in Love with it” syndrome… it happens to all of us, we simply just ….fall in love!


That said… hear this, tried and tested !!!


1 When in doubt buy a dress! And not just the classic little black dress… ANY dress.

Dresses are tricky item to shop for and when you do need one whether it’d be for a night out or afternoon coffee you won’t be able to find one. We’re all picky and when we have something in mind nothing else will do, and often times you won’t be able to find it when you need it. SO… if you do see a dress you like, TRY it on and if it fits, BUY it.  I’m not saying buy every dress you like but a women should have a couple, or at least two.  One for the evening and one for the day.

Dresses are a great piece… the only thing to worry about after the dress are the shoes.. it’s a one piece wonder.


2 Do any of us buy bikinis in the winter, well obviously not, what would be the point, right? Well ladies, wrong, don’t leave it to right before that great vacation. Bikinis are another tricky little item to buy, so when you do see one you like, BUY it, even if it is middle of Jan. and your car is snowed in.

Trust me you’ll thank me when vacation time rolls around!  

And keep in mind that a good quality bikini will last you a while.




Crap, she is sooo right. I do fall in love with things, many things. Sometimes I obsess over things, a lot. A typical obsession will look something like this.. “Sh*t. Why didn’t I buy those gold Jesus shoes, I LOVED them, I will NEVER find another pair like those, they were exactly what I was looking for.  I should go back…I should leave work right now and make sure no one else gets them. Gasp, what if they are the last pair?? Oh God! Hurry” *cough* – I’m ummm sick, I need to go to the doctor’s…yah, that’s it *cough*. Insert crazed run to said store. “Waaait shoes…here I come!!! Phew, they are still here…”  F*ck they don’t fit…


Lesson, if you think you love something and you plan on obsessing about it until your pay check comes in,   TRY IT ON. Some things look so much better on the rack.




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